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Quick Start Tutorial for Hitonic FTPSync

This step-by-step tutorial describes how you can start using Hitonic FTPSync. The tutorial does not describe all features of the application.

Step 1. Start the application

Start frame of Hitonic FTPSync

Step 2. Create a new project

Select the File / New Blank Project menu item.

An empty project

Step 3. Select the local directory of your site

Click the Select Local Directory button.

Selection of the local directory

After that, the local contents of your site are loaded.

The local directory has been loaded

Step 4. Select the FTP server

Select the FTP server by clicking the Select FTP Server button. Enter your FTP server connection settings (domain name, root directory, authorization, etc.).

FTP server selection

After that, the FTP server directory contents are loaded.

The FTP server directory has been loaded

Step 5. Overview changes

You can expand contents of directories by clicking Expand button.

Expanded tree of directories

Tree items (files and directories) have a different color depending on the necessary actions to synchronize:

  • Black - unchanged item
  • Gray - non-existent item
  • Green - new item on an FTP server
  • Red - deleting item from FTP server
  • Blue - changed item on an FTP server

So now you see all the difference on file systems of the local computer and the remote server.

Step 6. Upload changes to the FTP server

Click the Upload Changes button.

Selection of the updated items

Verify the changes and press the Upload button. The changes will be uploaded to the FTP server.

That's all

The changes has been uploaded
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